Flow versus force is an energy pattern. Just saying the words “flow” and “force” can bring up an emotional response in the body. You can literally feel the meaning of the words.

When you are flowing, you feel light, energized, inspired, optimistic, creative, passionate and peaceful. When you are forcing, you feel tight, heavy, lethargic, unwell, frustrated, resentful, anxious or impatient.

In my experience, any time I have tried to force something in my life, it hasn’t quite worked out the way I planned, which led to disappointment and frustration. There are times when using force absolutely must be used, for example… the last mile to reach the peak of a mountain might be a good time to apply force, pushing the body to reach the summit. There are times I can recall my own intuition telling me to take a step back, give it time, be patient. By listening to my own voice, and allowing things to flow, opened up the opportunity for the greatest good to manifest itself, in whatever shape or form it needed to be.

Today, take a moment to reflect on what is flowing and what is being forced in your life. Is there one thing you can surrender to and allow to flow? Ask yourself these questions:

What expectations do I have of myself or others?

Where am I trying to control the situation to go my way?

How can I let go, even just a little, and watch what happens when I allow things to flow?

And if you have time today, spend 2-3 minutes in mediation saying these words:

I am in the flow of love. Everything is happening for my greatest good.

Love and light, M