Have you cultivated a daily spiritual practice? For my own personal well-being, I try to include a physical activity, a mental activity and a spiritual activity every day. Incorporating all three, mind, body and spirit, into each day sets the intention that I am placing my own well-being as a priority.

These past few weeks I have been especially aware of my spiritual endurance around compassion. Closely working with my spirit guides, doing internal work and personal reflection not just once, but two to three times a day. My focus has been on compassion and how compassion for myself and others can further open up my own heart. If I am honest, compassion for others has been difficult lately. This has led to a pretty closed off heart- which is not how I want to be or live. Having a wide open heart is the goal, but it takes a million steps to get there.

The healing path of the heart chakra moves us from isolation to compassion. Compassion is essential to the survival of our species. It binds us to one another, making isolation an impossibility‚ÄĒbut it requires that we reveal our pain, our suffering, and our wounding to each other. Being vulnerable is not easy. We have to be courageous enough to risk rejection over and over again to experience the gift of the heart. The heart has nothing to fear because either it is generating compassion for others or it is wounded, in which case it inspires others to generate compassion. Either way, the heart is always responsible for radiating the highest form of love into the world.

Today, include a mini-spiritual retreat for yourself. Be a little more compassionate towards yourself and your journey. Spiritual endurance is necessary if we are to evolve into the loving beings we are designed to be. An easy activity to do- step outside, breath in for 10-20 seconds, breath out for 10-20 seconds. Being in nature is a wonderful way to connect to the heart of yourself and your higher power. Allow your breath and your being to connect with the earth, the trees, the plants and animals around you. Give yourself the gift of self-compassion. You deserve a moment of peace.

Love and Light, M