What people are saying…

I loved everything! I thought the flow was perfect starting with LJ’s overview of the chakras. I was especially interested in Luann’s portion and would have loved to learn more from her.

My favorite part of the Wide Open Heart Project was how the information was given and then followed up with great activities to help you connect the information.

I want to say thank you, Michele. You put tougher a very impressive retreat. To open your home up, to do such a well needed event. I enjoyed the group of ladies you brought together to present and attend. I am forever grateful for you for having this type of event at this time and for me personally and with all the crazy things going on in the world today. This was a great beginning for my personal “self-care”.

An awesome way for me to begin taking care of me. The Wide Open Heart Project was just what I needed to get me focused on me and a great introduction to Reiki, Meditation, Nutrition, and Yoga. Loved it all. Thank you, again, and looking forward to the next retreat.

I am SO GRATEFUL to have been part of several WOHP retreats so far and I can’t say enough about how healing these retreats have been for me. I have even worked individually with Michele, Monica and Luann and I feel blessed to have these women in my life, as well as the other women that I have met through these retreats and become friends with along the way.
I am walking a self-healing journey to heal my inner-child as well as release adult trauma, and working on my heart chakra has been critical to much of the success that I have already experienced and I’m really looking forward to continuing this life changing work!

I highly recommend attending an event with the Wide Open Heart Project!
For these events, Michele brings together a team of highly knowledgeable women to instruct on various topics including energy healing, yoga, mediation and Ayurvedic medicine. The environment is warm and welcoming. At the end of the events I have attended, I have felt centered, supported and informed. The friendships I have made through WOHP have been extraordinary and have changed my life!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your vision …it was rejuvenating and that the world needs more of, it was an honor to be a part of your first retreat. Thank you for sharing your vision and love for our emotions and well being. I look forward to watching you bring your dream to life!

What a wonderfully peaceful grounding experience I had this weekend!
Learned a lot, released a ton, ate well, enjoyed being out in nature, but most of all learning from all of these beautiful people. Michele Clark Leach thank you with all of my heart for this spiritual experience. I enjoyed every second.

What a wonderful day!
Thank you Michele, Monica with Vixen Moon Energy Healing, and Luann for your energy, support and guidance.

I did not want to leave! Loved the release ceremony at the end.

I am so honored to be part of this! It was a beautiful day & led to some wonderful insights. Thank you again for including me

Yoga with Kristen and Nutrition with Luann for a beginner like me… wonderful!

Today was AWESOME! Thank you so much for bringing together this amazing group of women!!!

Yoga with Kristen and Nutrition with Luann for a beginner like me… wonderful!

Loved it all!